Spain, Italy; France; the Balearics; the Canary islands and Greece are just a few countries and islands where holidaymakers and tourists are likely to have seen this bright, colourful flower at holiday resorts; hotels; villas and parks or indeed gardens in those places mentioned above.

Some hotels have the walls of balconies covered in the Bougainville, and quite apart from looking beautiful, the scent can be an added bonus.

The flower originates in South America and gets its name from a French Admiral de Bougainville. Why this is the case is not recorded. Perhaps Le Admiral was a colourful character.

Flower breeders were responsible for creating a huge variety of colours and hybrid species for the Bougainville, and not doubt the hard work of past horticulturalists has done much to increase the popularity of this plant which has probably travelled more miles than the illustrious Admiral De Bougainville.

Bougainvillea a flower of the city of Xiamen

Bougainvillea Park is located 2 kilometers away from the northeast of Damao Mountain Farm, near the Ximei Reservoir.

The park is about 700 Mu (about 466,690 square meters), more than 100 thousand Bougainvillea including hundreds of varieties are planted in the park in an extravaganza of colours which include red, pink, purple, orange, white as well as multicoloured examples of Bougainvillea.

Ms Chen Lifang, the deputy director of Xiamen Tourism Bureau Xiang'an Branch, explained that, Bougainvilleas park is a new rural tourism spot in Xiamen, and one which is certain to be popular.

"The tourist traffic movement around the area will be increased; there will also be more tourist projects in the near future too. Damao Mountain Scenic Area will in time attract more and more tourists from home and abroad" he said.

The map below does not provide link to the Park, because it still unknown to Google Maps community. However, you could navigate the area around Xiamen to see many nice opportunities of rural travel in the area.

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