Jeremy Korzeniewski of's fame writes about initiative of Decano Industries in is article, but to summarize it very shortly - these speed bumps are measuring the weight of oncoming vehicle and if speed is withing the specified limit, bumps will fold, minimizing the impact on "good drivers".

The idea is just brilliant - speed bumps in Mexico (they are called "Topes") are inevitable evil and annoying people that much, that many municipalities weigh the option to demount some of them, hoping that culture of drivers has grown enough. It seems that with Decano Industries' invention, safety on road shouldn't be compromised.

We cannot underestimate the importance of this invention. Any person who traveled with overnight bus in Mexico, remembers this endless sequence of deceleration-jump-acceleration cycles that make it hard to fall asleep. If new invention will conquer the roads all over the country, it will definitely make more people traveling around Mexico in buses.