Over the past 3 weeks 15 scientists have been diving, gathering research and filming. Yesterday they returned to Costa Rica’s mainland and stated that the reasons that it is one of the most purest places on the planet are:

1) There are a large amount of predators such as sharks which reflects a very healthy ecosystem. The more large predators there are (which are toip of the food chain) means that there is a lot of food for them and this reflect a very healthy ecosystem.

2) The abundance of small fish, jellyfish, corals, algae and microorganisms. Jorge Cortés, a biologist at the Research Center of Marine Sciences and Limnology (Cimar) at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), explained that on board a submarine of the Sea Hunter company they made about 16 dives on the island and identified 76 species of fish and 45 species of what he called “floating bodies. “At least 10 of these species have not been seen,” said Cortes, renowned as one of the experts with most studies of the island.

“Despite the exemplary work of the rangers and the support of NGOs such as The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, and MarViva Pretoma, illegal fishing is the most serious threat we have today the island,” Jorge said.

This part of Costa Rica must be protected and if Coco’s Island wins its way into the Top 7 Wonders of Nature then this will only help conserve one of the cleanest and purest parts of the world.