Scientists revealed last week they may have found a new species of dinosaur after the discovery of 'Zac' on a sheep and cattle property at Eromanga.

The foundation's chairman, Stuart Mackenzie, says it is hoped the bones will be prepared and displayed in the new centre. "We've already got a project on the drawing board now ... and this is a regional project so the four shires down here [are involved]," he said.

"That's to build a field museum which is basically the first stage, which will house the material in a suitable fashion so that it preserves them over time. Preparation will be able to be done there as well plus a small display. It's basically from there that we go on."

Mr Mackenzie says there is huge support for a dinosaur centre.

"The Eromanga community has been amazing, we're talking a half-a-million to a million dollars worth of actual contribution just getting to this stage," he said. "If it wasn't for this community the bones would still be in the ground."

South-west Queensland is home to Australia's largest dinosaur 'Cooper' and Mr MacKenzie says the region is becoming internationally significant for its fossil finds.

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