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Honey Museum in Colmenar
Added: 2011-10-10 11:17:54


A very sweet museum opened its doors in Colmenar, a small town in the mountains of Malaga, about 30 km north of the capital.

The Honey Museum offers a walk through the world of beekeeping, an unknown sector to the public, making aware of the importance of beekeeping in biodiversity and the environment.

The name of the village "Colmenar" (Apiary) comes from a long beekeeping tradition in this small town. Museum visitors can learn about the honey bee breeding and the preparation of the eight types of honeys from Malaga (flower, rosemary, orange blossom, thyme, eucalyptus, avocado, forest and chestnut), tour through the history of the world of beekeeping, whose origins lie in ancient Egypt.

(C) Museo de la Miel
Nice page about rural tourism on Ibiza
Added: 2009-09-19 22:46:47


I found this article just a few days ago, despite it was actually written on a Valentine Day last year. This article is perfect example of successful propagation of rural tourism, describing its benefits to wide auduence, and at the same time, the article accentuates why it is good for Ibiza in particular. Most of practical notes and advices are valid for all other places open for rural tourists - but this guys also provide information about accommodation and activities on this Balearic Island, widely known for its club life.

Villa Can Maries, Photo from ibiza-spotlight.com
Spanish rural accommodation: Paradores
Added: 2009-09-05 16:25:26


Those of us who have heard the word "Parador" before, might think that paradores are not something that should be discussed on a site that specializes on rural, responsible and green travel. Well, while admitting that many paradores are not exactly in the countryside, other half is actually located in rural areas, providing such degree of harmony with landscapes and historical environment as few establishments can ever do.

Parador Zafra in Badajos. (c) euroresidentes.com